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Our tester works 100% of the time,
all the time! It is the best Diamond Tester in the World!
  1. This is also a Diamond Tester all-in-one. It tests for MOISSANITE, Russian Fake Diamonds, CZ's, Diamonds, White Sapphires and GGG's. This Loupe is Guaranteed for life.
  2. This Loupe is a Quality 10 power Triplet for checking Quality of Diamonds.
  3. Check Quality and Authenticity at the same time with the Magic Loupe.

This Jewelers Loupe & Tester can be carried on your key chain, neck chain, in your pocket or purse. This is a manual tester and it is the best you will ever see. NEVER buy a FAKE DIAMOND as long as you own the Magic Loupe.

Reasons why you should buy The Magic Loupe
hardness tester probe
  1. If you are a Pawn Shop
  2. If you are a Jewelry Store
  3. If you buy Diamonds
  4. If you shop at Antique Shops
  5. If you buy & sell at Flea Markets
  6. If you go to Auctions
  7. If you buy at Yard Sales
  8. If you carry or sell Jewelry Supplies

You can not be fooled with this diamond tester and loupe.

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30 day money back guarantee. 20% restocking fee will apply
This test is for hardness, no batteries or electricity required.

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